The Artists behind Island Art Studio in Kongens Gade

For more than 18 years, this creative collective has called St. Thomas home

Sarah Martin is a painter who has lived on the island of St. Thomas for 40 years. She has always been drawn to the vibrant colors and natural beauty of the island, particularly the beaches that surround it. Her paintings often depict the landscapes and seascapes of St. Thomas, capturing the vivid blues and greens of the water, the soft sandy beaches, and the lush tropical foliage.

Sarah’s passion for painting began at a young age, and she honed her skills through years of practice and experimentation. Her works have been featured in galleries both locally and internationally, earning her a reputation as one of the most talented painters to come out of St. Thomas.

Despite her success, Sarah remains deeply connected to her home on the island. She continues to draw inspiration from its natural beauty, and often incorporates local flora and fauna into her works. Her paintings are sought after by collectors all over the world, and her legacy as a St. Thomas painter has earned her a place in the history of Caribbean art.


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